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So almost everybody knows at this time what a pen drive or memory stick is and most people even own a minimum of one. Can you have idea of the different uses these portable storage products are capable of? To become completely honest, I had no idea from the amazingly various sorts, shapes as well as uses on the market until I sat down and extremely considered it. I believed I'd put together a random list and share this with you.

1. Obviously, typically the most popular reason behind having a cheap memory stick is the transportation of private data for example documents, photos, various videos with the ability of transferring them between computers. This can be the most common utilization for affordable flash drives, it doesn't matter how small or large their capacity is.

2. Saving and offering medical records in an emergency which could save your valuable life in an accident. Health care USB drives are specific with this task they gather detailed information of ailments, allergies and prescriptions. Therefore if a disaster strikes, fast and also efficient patient care needs can be guaranteed.

3. Working in IT and transferring anti-virus and repair programs. You may well be able to recover your device in the virus's and spyware on your system and data files.

4. Setting up your system after a crash. Often of which have requirements for example ridiculous floppy disks or maybe even recovery CDs which are bulky and inconvenient when you are able have a very nifty, bootable memory stick. Most of them include regard to Linux os's but you could make use of one for pretty much virtually any OS. All you have to do is install a correct boot sequence and modify your BIOS.

5. A chance to Store and access your game saves. This is a popular use of these cheap flash drives by many around the world who enjoy pc based gaming.

6. iPods or mp3's are really only USB drives equipped with a chance to play music via headsets and render audio tracks running computer software.

7. Advertising and promotion. Regardless if you are a sizable business or self-employed person you are able to brand pen drives together with your business title, include personal advertisements and present these to your (potential) consumers.

8. Running various applications and various kinds of software. Often in combination with the data stored in the USB drive itself. This really is great with separate programs for instance running software to experience the videos that are currently stored on the USB drive.

9. Using the advance of Windows Vista you can improve your hard disk drive cache. Adding virtual memory space from your cheap flash drive may make the body as well as programs manage a lot faster. Many flavors of Linux also offer the ability to extend memory by use of a flash drive.

10. What about using your memory stick for private investigations purposes? I am unable to recommend using cheap flash drives for such uses but with protected flash drives it ought to be pretty effective. With that said, a number of them are pretty durable with industry standard casings, authorities standard data encryption for confidentiality as well as biometric fingerprinting so only others can observe this top secret information.

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11. With cheap flash drives you've got a price conscious yet extremely convenient large portable music collection. This is especially handy when you can hook it up to the car radio or perhaps even your house stereo system which has a Hardware port.

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